Television is an important part of most people’s everyday lives. It can be entertaining, informative or educational. Yet today it has become a ubiquitous tool that many parents struggle to control in their children’s media diets. The introduction of digital streaming and internet access for televisions has made the process even more confusing for families who want to set guidelines about what content their children are watching on television at home or online.

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Television Essay for Students and Children in 1000+ Words

You will study its definition, origin, history, significance, benefits, downsides, and ten sentences in this Television Essay for Students and Children. This 1000+ word essay was broadcast on television.

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a brief introduction (Television Essay)

Television is the most effective medium for promoting both enjoyment and scientific understanding. It is one of science’s most unusual, exceptional, and remarkable discoveries.

Television removes the exhaustion of man’s fast-paced existence, restores mental serenity, and refreshes the individual, giving him the energy to work again.

Television’s Origins and History

The phrases “television” and “visual” are used to describe televisions. Which is it: faraway planets or all the gorgeous and weird images in front of one’s eyes?

That is why it is known in Hindi as Doordarshan. Other than radio, television is regarded as a more sophisticated kind of technology. A person who listens to the radio may stay up with all the latest news from across the nation and the globe, as well as be entertained by numerous jokes and songs aired on the radio.

Similarly, by watching and listening to television while also being entertained, a person might expand his knowledge.

Let me tell you that this remarkable discovery was first shown on television in 1925 by John L. Baird of Britain.

Following that, he found television in 1926, and Doordarshan was transmitted for the first time in India in 1959. It was first prohibitively costly, but it has now made its way into every household, and at more accessible prices.

We may acquire televisions based on your requirements. As a result, television’s roots have extended across the globe, and it has now become a need in every family.

Television’s Importance

For each person, television has a distinct meaning. Children like the shows that broadcast on the cartoon channel, especially now that the characters of these programs have replaced the cartoon characters from comic books.

Then it is a better medium for students to study, since many educational programs are now aired on television, allowing students to enhance their knowledge by learning and to grasp many difficult things more readily.

For the young, television has a different meaning; most of the youth like the movies, TV series, and other programming that is aired on television, as well as releasing their mental strain by viewing it.

While television has a different meaning for the elderly, they use it to enjoy themselves in their leisure time and to come closer to spirituality via religious programs broadcast on it.

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Television’s Benefits in Points

The following are some of the advantages and uses of television:

1. Good for news & information

Many of these news stations are carried on television, and they keep us informed about what is going on in the nation and throughout the globe.

Which contains news about a specific individual, minor institutions, sports, weather, criminal occurrences, India’s and the world’s progress, and all other news, including the economy?

2. The most potent entertainment medium

Television is the greatest, cheapest, and most effective kind of entertainment; individuals of all ages may be entertained by viewing programs that match their interests and requirements.

3. Improved methods for increasing human understanding

Many informative programs are aired on TV channels nowadays, along with English-speaking lessons for children, topic-by-topic courses for competitive exams, and so on, which will help youngsters grasp a variety of themes and enhance their knowledge.

4. Assists in the reduction of emotional stress

When a guy returns home after a day’s work, watching television allows him to forget about his problems for a few minutes, making him feel refreshed and assisting him in overcoming his mental tension. Television is also a fantastic companion for man’s leisure time.

5. It is possible to watch with family.

Many sports channels are aired on television, allowing viewers to watch live broadcasts of sports such as cricket matches, football matches, badminton tournaments, and other sports from across the globe.

Aside from that, several cartoon TV channels are aired for youngsters, and it has also evolved as an appropriate medium for transporting the elderly to the spiritual realm.

In truth, numerous religious programs are aired on TV stations linked with a variety of sects and faiths. Aside from that, several agriculture-related shows are aired so that farmers may learn about the weather and how to raise healthy crops.

Television also provides a variety of additional advantages that people might take use of depending on their requirements.

DisTelevision’s Benefits in Points

Every coin has two sides, and television is no exception. Below, we analyze the consequences of television.

1. Impact on the eyes

Overwatching TV has a negative impact on the eyes and increases the danger of human vision deterioration, thus one should not watch TV too closely.

2. Diseases are caused by television.

People who constantly watch television and sit in the same position to do so are at an elevated risk of heart disease and hypertension.

Many individuals forget their lunchtime while watching television, causing their food and drink to become irregular and exposing them to a variety of ailments.

Furthermore, consuming food while watching television leads to obesity since individuals eat more when watching television.

3. Time wastage.

While viewing TV in your spare time is acceptable, some individuals are unable to complete crucial tasks because they are engrossed in their favorite TV show or film. Many students spend their test time watching television, which is a waste of time.

4. Some television shows have negative consequences for youngsters.

Many such films and television shows are shown on television by Channels, which have a negative impact on children’s brains and encourage criminal behavior. In addition, they display certain advertising that are not appropriate for youngsters.

Television in 10 Lines

  1. Television is one of the most widely utilized entertainment technologies in the world.
  2. Your eyesight will deteriorate if you spend hours in front of the television. your
  3. John L. Baird, a Scottish physicist, created television in 1926.
  4. Color television was eventually phased out in favor of black-and-white television.
  5. Television is one of humanity’s greatest creations.
  6. Philo Taylor Farnsworth, a 21-year-old inventor, created the world’s first electrical television in 1927.
  7. Other non-formal education shows on television might help you broaden your knowledge on topics other than the subject.
  8. The invention of television has been a blessing to mankind.
  9. The kids become victims of egoistic, aggressive, and corrupt behavior as a result of the uncontrolled exhibition of violent and corrupt programming.
  10. Many teenagers these days are bullied, smoke, drink, and engage in other unethical habits as a result of their exposure to television.


We may quickly get knowledge in any area, as well as shows pertaining to any country’s culture and customs, by watching television. They may raise awareness and assist in guiding individuals through the process.

It has been discovered that the growth of television as a large business has boosted the country’s economy and generated new job opportunities. Television has many advantages, but it must be seen in accordance with its demands, otherwise it will have a negative impact on one’s health.

Television is a major part of our society. It has the power to influence people in many different ways. Reference: essay on television 200 words.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is television short essay?

A: TV is the new form of media that has been growing in popularity. Its a modern phenomenon with vast potential for its audiences and advertisers, as well as for society at large.[1] Television essays are written about television itself, or what it does to people who watch it

How do you write a television essay?

A: Television essays are written in the form of an argument about a particular television show, with evidence from both the text and visual elements. They can also be opinion pieces that argue for or against certain views on what is happening within these shows, who will win them all, etc..

What are the advantages of television for students?

A: Television is a medium that can reach more people and has the ability to transmit information faster than any other form of media. It also allows for reinforcement of learning, such as in what youre taught at school or general knowledge about how things work.

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