The Mahabharata is one of the two major Sanskrit epics in Hinduism, along with Ramayana. This story depicts a long period of history that includes many examples from religious philosophy and ethical theories such as karma, dharma, artha (meaning “wealth” or also translated as “property”), rta (“order”, sometimes translated to mean law), moksha (liberation) etc., which are discussed at length by scholars.

The “summary of mahabharata in 200 words” is a short synopsis of the Mahabharata, which is an ancient Indian epic. It tells the story of how two cousins, Pandu and Dhritarashtra, wage war for control of their kingdom.

The Story of Mahabharata in Short

The Mahabharata Story in Condensed Form is presented in this article. It is one of India’s oldest Hindu epics. It was originally written in the Sanskrit script. The finest portion of this epic saga is the battle in Kurukshetra between two groups of cousins.

So, let’s get this narrative started…


We all start with Bharata’s reign, when the Dharma is followed by everyone on the planet. He has two sons: Pandav and Dhritarashtra, both of whom are incapable of ascending to the throne. Pandu had an illegitimate son who grew up to have five sons of his own, as well as six gods who are avatars. Dhritarashtra has 100 sons, all of whom are demons and are known as the Kauravas. Arjuna, Bhimu, Yudhishthira, Nakula, and Sahadeva, Pandav’s five sons, were all famous warriors or monarchs who married princess Draupadi. Duryodhana, Dhritarashtra’s son, is the leader of the other 99 brothers and has an abhorrent hate for the Pandavas, or Pandu sons. Dhritarashtra was given the kingdom by both Yudhisthira and Duryodhana.

The Hall

Duryodhana planned to take over Yudhishthira’s realm once he became king. Duryodhana then challenged Yudhisthira to a game of dice. As a bad gambler, Yudhisthira eventually abandons his kingdom and his wife’s independence, but Dhritarashtra orders Duryodhana to grant him a second opportunity. If Yudhishthira loses, Duryodhana and the Pandavas vow to spend 12 years in exile and 13 years in disguise if Yudhishthira loses. Yudhisthira was defeated and banished.

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The Woods

Yudhisthira, his brothers, and Draupadi spent a year in exile with the Brahmins, studying and training. During this time, Arjuna receives the heavenly weapon from the goddess Indra. Draupadi is abducted and later returned.


As the erstwhile people of Yudhisthira, the Pandavas seek sanctuary in the palace of King Virat in his 13th year. To keep her freedom, Draupadi worked as a maid. With a rape attempt on Draupadi, who has slain all of Bheem’s followers, and Virat’s son recovering livestock from thieves with the assistance of Arjuna, it has been an interesting year. Despite their remarkable successes, the brothers are now in their thirteenth year.


Yudhishthira returns to reclaim his kingdom, but Duryodhana has said that he has no plans to do so. Duryodhana wants to fight, but Krishna tells Yudhisthira to hand up power quietly first. Despite his apparent desire for everyone to betray him, Duryodhana denounced this peaceful transfer. Both sides are getting ready to go to battle. Bhima is appointed as Duryodhana’s general. Even if he is armed with Duryodhana, Krishna informs Yudhisthira that he would join the Pandavas.


Arjuna requests Krishna to remove his hand at the start of the war because he does not want to murder his people. Krishna read the Bhagavad Gita to Arjuna, explaining the concepts of Dharma and Karma, and most significantly, that it was Arjuna’s responsibility to fight in the conflict. Arjuna kills Bhishma on the 10th day of combat after a prolonged conflict between Arjuna and Krishna, and Bhishma decides to lie down in bed and postpone his death.


Drona, Arjuna’s old military teacher, is named as Duryodhana’s new army commander. Drona was a cruel fighter, so the Pandavas planned a scheme to trick him so he could prepare. Yudhishthira had informed Drona that Bhimu had assassinated Asvatman, Drona’s son. Asvatthaman, an elephant, was slain by Bhima. Drona departs in rage, and his faith is violated by executing his warriors rather than killing him. He loses his hands and accepts his death when he discovers what has transpired.


Duryodhana realizes that his campaign has been crushed, yet he chooses Karna as the new leader of his army at Karna’s request. Karna and Arjuna meet on the battlefield in a terrible combat in which Karna is slowly but brutally murdered.


The Duryodhana Army’s last and last commander was designated as Salya. He is immediately dispatched by the warlord. Duryodhana flees to a lake to hide as the battle draws to a close, but the Pandavas track him down. In a match against the clubs, Bheem murdered him with an unjust hit. Despite the protests of spectators and Duryodhana, Krishna said that it was in Bhima’s faith and that Duryodhana was fomenting war.

The Blood-red Night

Since the Kauravas survive, Ashwaththama infiltrates the Pandavas’ camp and kills them all, like some of them are unable to enter heaven until they die as proper warriors. He curses the Pandava women and renders them barren as he travels.

The Women

Yudhishthira visits Dhritarashtra, who is mourning the loss of all of his sons. Similarly, the Kauravas’ wives confronted Yudhisthira about their husbands’ deaths. Dhritarashtra wants to murder Bhima when he sees him, but Krishna causes him to attack Bhima’s scarecrow. The Kauravas’ funeral pyre, followed by a Ganges River ceremony. Yudhishthira drowns in sadness in the Ganges after learning that Karna is his brother.


Yudhishthira is eager to usurp Dhritarashtra’s throne, but he offers to do it in exchange for Dhritarashtra’s honor. The Pandavas go to visit Bhishma, who is dying and asks Arjuna to give him a cushion, but he also wants additional arrows to lay on his head. Bhishma and Yudhisthira have a philosophical discussion on the king’s duties and the nature of religion.


Bhishma and Yudhishthira keep talking because they wish to live happily and chat about religion and ladies. Duryodhana is asked by Bhishma to think on his sons and forget about his bad sons who have gone to hell. Bhishma passes away, and he is cremated.

The sacrifice of the horse

Yudhishthira hesitated to continue judgment, but Krishna commanded the earth to be cleansed by a horse sacrifice. Arjuna rides a white horse that has been slain at pre-fight locations and kills a number of invaders. The horse, along with many other animals, is slaughtered on the pyre after the voyage, and the smoke from the horse’s burning intestines is cleaned.

The Hermitage is a historic building in St. Petersburg, Russia

Dhritarashtra and his wife, Gandhari, along with the mother of the Pandavas, Kunti, and others, go to The Woods preacher to spend their days as a monk. The Pandavas miss their mother very much and go to meet the elders. Shortly after his visit, his elders ignited a holy fire lit by the Dhritarashtra.

The Clubs

We heard the narrative of Krishna, who drowned in sin after learning of his death. Krishna is slain by a hunter called Zara, which means “old age” in Sanskrit. He ascends the gods and becomes one with them. Arjuna could not defend Varsini from a gang of robbers abducting ladies if Krishna was not there. He returns to his brothers to inform them of his loss.

The Great Adventure

Yudhishthira thinks that it is his time as Krishna dies. He abdicates the kingdom to Parikshit, who sets off on a globe tour with his brothers. Bhai and Draupadi perish separately in the Himalayas. Yudhisthira refused to leave his dog since he obeyed Indra when he discovered him and asked him to transport him to a chariot in heaven. The dog becomes a religious deity who praises Yudhisthira.

Ascension to Heaven

Yudhishthira is taken aback when he discovers Duryodhana alone in paradise. He requests that he be brought to his brothers and sent to hell. Yudhishthira said there that he would prefer to stay with his brothers rather than travel to paradise. Indra tells him that this is the last test he must pass, and that he, together with the rest of the Pandavas, will be sent to paradise, whereas Duryodhana will be condemned to hell.

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The “Mahabharata story pdf” is a short book that tells the story of Mahabharata in a very condensed form. It does not include any of the lengthy descriptions and stories, but it does cover all the important parts of the epic. Reference: mahabharata story pdf.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mahabharata a real story?

What is the main idea of Mahabharata?

A: The Mahabharata is one of the two great epics in Hinduism, and also forms a part of the Sanskrit scriptures known as Vedas. It tells how there was once an age-old war between two groups of people, who fought each other with various weapons and tactics until peace came to the world through means such as karma or dharma.

Who is Arjun Favourite wife?

A: He has two wives, one is the goddess Shakuntala and the other is his daughter.

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