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There are many different types of articles that can be used before a noun. The most common article is the “a” but there are also “an” and “the.”

Use of articles with Noun, Proper, Common, Abstract, Example

(A noun is a name for someone, somewhere, something, a trait, or an idea.)


Articles are used with proper nouns.

  • Articles are never accompanied by names of people or places.


  1. Ram was a respectful son.
  2. Rome is a historic city.


The article A/An is used before proper nouns in the following instances. (Read Articles A and B for a thorough understanding of the subject.)


  1. Mr. Sharma has arrived to speak with you.
  2. Dinesh Mishra is the author of this book.

Because the nouns ‘Mr. Sharma’ and ‘Mr. Dinesh Mishra’ are unfamiliar to the speaker and he only knows the name that has been given to him, A is used before ‘Mr. Sharma’ and ‘Mr. Dinesh Mishra’ in sentences (1) and (2). 

When a person or a location is mentioned in a sentence for comparison purposes, the word ‘the’ occurs before it.


  1. He is the contemporary India’s Ram.
  2.  He is a Nazi.
  3. The city of Jaipur is known as India’s Rome.

The word ‘the’ precedes the names of a few localities.


  1. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  2. The Netherlands is a country in Europe.
  3. The Hague is a city in the Netherlands.
  • The word ‘the’ does not come with any state names. ‘The Punjab’ is an exception.
  • The word ‘the’ is never used with a country’s name.

For instance, consider the United States of America, Russia, and China.

When the words ‘Union’, ‘United’, ‘Republic’, or ‘Kingdom’ are combined with the names of countries, the word ‘the’ is employed.

For example, the United States of America, the Soviet Union, and the Republic of Ireland.

  • The word ‘the’ precedes the names of mountain ranges.

‘The Himalayas,’ for example, and ‘The Alps,’ for example.

The word ‘Aravali’ does not refer to a mountain range. As a result, ‘the’ does not appear before it.

The word ‘the’ does not appear before the names of mountain summits.

Mt. Everest and Mt. Abu are two examples.

  • The word ‘the’ appears before the word ‘nationality,’ but not before the word ‘language.’


English is the language of the English.

The French were beaten by the English.

  • The word “article” does not appear before the word “illness.”

Exceptions include the measles, rickets, mumps, plague, and influenza.

When should the be used with proper nouns?

We’ve compiled a list of 25 examples for you.

1. River names include:  The Yamuna, Ganga, Godawari, and Sutlej are all rivers in India.
2. Sea names include: The Arabian Sea and the Caribbean Sea are two of the world’s most famous seas.
3. Ocean names include: The Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, and Atlantic Ocean are the three oceans.
4. The following are the names of the islands that make up the group: The Andaman and Nicobar Islands, also known as the Lakshadweep Islands.
5. Heavenly Objects’ Names: The Sun, Venus, and the Moon
6. Bay names include: The Bay of Bengal is a waterway in Southeast Asia.
7. Desert names include: The Sahara Desert is a desert in Africa.
8. Canal names include: The Suez Canal is a waterway in Egypt.
9. Newspaper Titles: The Hindu and The Times of India are two newspapers in India.
10. Movements’ names are as follows: The Quit India Movement is a group of people that want to leave India.
11. Union’s Names: The U.N. 
12. Names of Airlines and Trains: The Rajdhani Express, Jet Airways, and Intercity.
13. Political Parties’ Names: The Congress, the BJP.
14. Statutes / Acts Names: The Indian Penal Code, as well as the Indian Legislature. 
15. Religions Names: Hindus, Muslims, and Sikhs are three different religions.
16. Inventions’ names are as follows: The telephone and the telescope.
17. Any Clubs’ Names: The Lions Club is a non-profit organization.
18. Dynasty names include: The Peshwas and the Marathas
19. Parts of the body are given the following names: Articles occur before body parts only when a possessive adjective is substituted by any article; otherwise, articles do not come before body parts. (For example, he got shot in the eye.)
20. Dates: The 15th of May is a significant day.
21. Army/Police: The Army and the Police Forces.
22. Planets’ Names: The planets Venus and Mars.
23. Hotel names are as follows: The Taj Hotel is a luxury hotel in Delhi, India.
24. Names of Era, Revolutions & Wars:  The French Revolution, the Middle Ages.
25. Names of Things That Are One-of-a-Kind: The universe, the universe, the universe, the universe, the universe, the universe, the The natural world. The ambiance.
  • Only when it denotes ‘room’ does ‘the’ come before space.


  1. He attempted to park his automobile, but there was insufficient room.
  2. Many astronauts aspire to go to space.
  • Before directions, the word ‘the’ is used – The East, The West.

The word ‘the’ is not used if a direction comes before a place’s name.

West Bengal is an example.

Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western do not have articles since they are adjectives that will not accept an article unless they are followed by an appropriate noun.

Western India is a good example.

More examples are available here:

  1. In the east, the sun rises.
  2. He’ll be in North America.
  3.  Rajasthan is located in the western part of Europe.
  4.  Sweden is a country located in Northern Europe.
  • The Gita and the Bible come before the titles of religious texts.
  • The Taj Mahal and the Red Fort are mentioned before the names of the monuments.

Note that if a name consists of two or more words, one of which is the name of a person or place, ‘the’ does not appear before the name of the structure, monument, or holy book.

Delhi Airport, Victoria Place, London Zoo, Jai Singh Palace, Indira Gandhi Airport, Valmikis’ Ramanayan, and Banabhatta’s Kadmbiri are just a few examples.

  • Movements’ names are as follows: The Quit India Movement is a group of people that want to leave India.
  • The Chairman and the Director are the titles of the positions.

If we’re talking about one of many comparable posts, A/an can also be used before the titles of the posts.


She is a member of the company’s board of directors.

When should you avoid using articles before a noun?

In the following situations, we do not utilize articles:

1. Months’ names:  July, September, and so forth.
2. Day names include: Sunday, Monday, and so forth. 
3. Subjects’ Names: Math, physics, and other sciences
4. Road names are as follows: M.L. Road, Mall Road, and so forth.
5. Meal names include: Lunch and dinner, for example.
6. Language names include: English, Hindi, and more languages are available.
7. Hobbies’ names include: Gardening, shininess, and so forth.
8. Game titles include: Hockey, cricket, and so forth. 
9. Complement before a noun: appoint, appoint, appoint, appoint, appoint,

As an example, he was elected president.

10. ‘The’ has never been used before: ‘Heaven,’ ‘Hell,’ ‘God,’ and ‘Parliament’ are some of the terms used.


  1. You’re going to hell.
  2. God lives in the heavenly realm.
  3. Parliament approved the measure.

When using a common noun, use articles.

  • If both the speaker and the audience are familiar with a thing, the article ‘The’ is used before it.


  1. Please return the book (That I gave you)
  2. Is it possible for you to turn off the light? (The amount of light in the room)
  • When a solitary common word is preceded by an article, it might represent the whole species.

A dog, for example, is a loyal animal.

Because the word’man’ refers to a human person, this rule does not apply to him.

Man, for example, is a mortal being.

  • When we discuss a personality that exists inside a person, the article includes the personality’s name.


  1. The father (love of father for his son) was persuaded by the judge (moral of judge) in him, and he condemned his son to death.
  2. When she saw the infant, she became a mother (feelings of motherhood).
  • When referring to the principal function of schools, colleges, and temples, the article is not utilized.


  1. School should be attended by children.
  2. Every morning, I visit the temple.

If school, college, temple, etc. refers to a location or a structure rather than its principal function, an article is utilized.


  1. My home is situated beside a school.
  2. The temple is very near to the college.

Use of Abstract Noun/Material Noun in Articles

When it comes to abstract nouns, no article is usually utilized. Due to the fact that they are uncountable nouns, A/An cannot be used with them.


  1. Gold is a valuable commodity.
  2. The best policy is to be honest.

When nouns are preceded by ‘of,’ an article comes before the noun.

Noun + of + article + noun + of + article + noun + of + article + noun + of


  1. Egypt’s cotton is renowned for its high quality.
  2. Everyone admires this young man’s honesty. 


Articles in conjunction with nouns Obtain a PDF copy (327 downloads)

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The “uses of articles with examples” is a way to use the article as a noun, proper, common, or abstract. The example sentence that I will write will be one of those four options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we use articles with abstract nouns?

A: Absolutely, abstract nouns are allowed in articles.

Can we use articles with proper noun?

A: No, articles like The are only allowed in sentences like I saw the house, not in titles.

What are 5 examples of abstract noun?

Example 1 : The need for a new form of government
Example 2 : Housing
Example 3 : Workplace harassment
Example 4: Congested roadways
I am sorry, I could not find any examples that match what you were looking for.

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