The Village Fair is a fair at the annual summer celebration. It includes games and rides, food stands, prizes, other activities for kids of all ages. The first year it was held on June 24th, 2015 in West Norwood Park between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm

The “a village fair paragraph for jsc” is a piece of writing that has been written by a teacher. The paragraph will be about the school children’s favorite things at the village fair.

Village Fair Paragraph for School Children

A village fair is an integral element of the community. I’ve attended several village fairs, and there are a few brief and simple phrases about one that I really appreciated. I hope you like these paragraphs as much as I do.

a brief description of the village fair (100 Words)

A ‘village fair’ is a fair that takes place in villages. In the hamlet, there are a variety of fairs. Fairs are occasionally held in honor of religious holidays, while other times they are held in honor of a customary event. India is a large country with many villages.

They assist at least one fair every year in each community. The majority of the fairs are held once a year. They just remain for a day or two. For the townspeople, it’s a happy occasion. They purchase a large number of items at the fair to meet their annual requirements. Toys are purchased by children. The village fair is a huge hit with the locals.    

Paragraph about the Village Fair (150 Words)

The residents are overjoyed and enthusiastic about the village fair. A village fair is a gathering where locals may purchase and sell their wares. The majority of local fairs lasted one or two days. However, there are certain fairs that last for a long period. It adds color to the peasants’ lives.

They have a festive sense about them. The expo was attended by all of the girls and ladies who wanted to purchase cosmetics. Cosmetics, I believe, are the primary draw for the fair. Aside from that, children purchase their toys. In village fairs, buying and selling toys is a huge industry.

Almost every child purchases toys for the next months. The fair is attended by fathers and their children. Bangladesh features a variety of religious and traditional fairs, and almost every hamlet in the nation participates in one. The Pohela Boishakh fair is well-known.    


I went to a village fair: paragraph (200 Words)

I went to a local fair a few weeks ago, and I’ll tell you about it here. In my own village in Sylhet, Bangladesh, there was a ‘Pohela Boishakh Fair.’ Pohela Boishakh, as you may know, is the Bengali new year celebrated by Bangladeshis and Indians. On this day, people hold a variety of interesting festivities.

This year, I visited my hometown and attended a fantastic fair. Every year, this event takes place for two days. Many people travel from far and wide to purchase and sell goods here. With a handful of my buddies, I went to the fair. We intended to purchase a few items, but first and foremost, we wanted to view the whole fair.

We took our time and saw that many individuals, like us, were the only ones there, admiring the colorful fair splendor. We walked around the fair for nearly two hours. After that, we take a trip on the ‘Nagordola.’ In Bangladesh, it is a highly popular and traditional practice.

Finally, we went shopping for our necessities; I purchased cosmetics for my sister and a few toys for my younger brother. At a fair, there are many items to choose from. I was enamored with the ceramics and the earth stuffing. It’s incredible. I enjoyed the fair and want to return.  

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The “a village fair composition for class 7” is a paragraph that is meant to be used in school. It contains information about the different types of animals found in a village, and also has some tips on how to make friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is called village fair?

What do you see in a village fair?

A: I see a lot of people laughing and having fun.

Why is it necessary to Organise a village fair?

A: It is necessary to organise a village fair for the following reasons. Firstly, the people of that village are impoverished and need aid from those in neighbouring villages. Second, it will help create strong bonds between villagers and enable them to share knowledge with each other which will ultimately benefit all involved parties.

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