Idioms are phrases that have become common in the English language. Many idioms come from archaic languages, such as ancient Greek and Latin, or from other cultures with a large influence on our own. Phrases can also be referred to as proverbs; however, phrasal verbs are not technically considered an idiom because they’re not a noun

Idioms and phrases are words that have a specific meaning in one language, but often have a different meaning in another. This can be difficult to understand when you’re not fluent in both languages. The “5,000 idioms and phrases pdf” contains 5,000 of the most common idioms and phrases in English.

What are Idioms and Phrases? PDF

What are Idioms and Phrases, What-are-Idioms-and-Phrases-PDFAn idiom is an expression, word, or phrase that has a figurative meaning that is comprehended in regard to a common use of that expression that is separate from the literal meaning or definition of the words of which it is made. VoiceText 2020-2-9 17 13 0.mp3

There are at least 25,000 idiomatic idioms and phrases in the English language. Because the meaning of an idiom is usually not deducible and has no equivalent in other languages, it may be difficult for non-native speakers, particularly those who are not fluent in the language, to comprehend and utilize them correctly. Nonetheless, many idioms have analogues in other languages whose meaning is similar to the literal meaning. Killing two birds with one stone, for example, implies ‘doing two tasks at once,’ and the visual in the metaphor supports the meaning. Another example is the phrase “fine and dandy,” which indicates “everything is great.” In other circumstances, the exact meaning is completely incomprehensible. To take an early bath, for example, indicates ‘to lose a job or a position because things have gone awry.’ Seeing an idiom in context is the best way to comprehend it without needing a dictionary. If someone says, “He owns some ancient iron mines that haven’t been used in donkey’s ears,” the listener gets the meaning “to last for a very long time” based on the context and common sense. (Definition of Idioms and Phrases)

Idioms of Various Types

There are several Idioms of Various Types, which are differently formed. Here are some with examples:

The whole phrase or sentence is:

  • To separate the lads from the men (a differently or challenging situation tests and shows who is strong and capable and who is not.)
  • You’re wearing a millstone around your neck (a very unpleasant problem or responsibility that you cannot escape from)
  • to tell someone what’s on your mind (someone has annoyed or upset you and you angrily tell them what do you think fo them)

phrase with a preposition:

  • ‘In your mind’s eye’ is the first prepositional phrase (to have a clear picture of something in your imagination or memory)
  • ‘On the nail’ is the second prepositional phrase (to pay something immediately and in cash)
  • ‘On the nod’ is the third prepositional phrase (something is accepted without being questioned or argued)

Object/complement (and/or adverbial) + verb:

  • To maintain your nose in good shape (to behave well and avoid trouble)
  • To use nuclear power (to get extremely angry and start behaving in a forceful or irrational way as a result)
  • Turning the page (to make a fresh start after a period of difficulties and troubles)


  • Pains of maturation ( temporary difficulties and problems as it develops and grows stronger)
  • A tiger made of paper (a person, country, organization that seems to be powerful and actually does not have any power)
  • A razor’s edge (someone was very nearly to have a disaster or an accident, or very nearly suffered a defeat)

Simile (as + adjective + as/as/as/as/as/as/as/as/as/as/as

What-are-Idioms-and-Phrases-PDFBinomial (word + word + word + word + word + word + word + word + word + word + word + word

  • A wink and a nod (someone communicates indirectly or by giving some kind of signal)


(word + word + and + word) trinomial:


Saying or exclamation:1643333570_448_What-are-Idioms-and-Phrases-PDF

What are PDf’s idioms and phrases?

What are Phrases and Idioms.docx What are the Differences Between Idioms and Phrases? (264 downloads)


The “1500 idioms and phrases pdf” is a PDF that contains 1500 idioms and phrases. The phrases are organized alphabetically, so it’s easy to find the phrase you’re looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is idioms and phrases with examples?

A: An idiom is a phrase that has a figurative meaning, or one which cannot be expressed in words alone. Some common examples of idioms are dead as a doornail, foxy lady, and as simple as ABC.

What are phrases or idioms?

A: Phrases are words or expressions that express some meaning, and idioms are phrases with a particular significance.

What is an idiomatic expression PDF?

A: It would be hard to give one specific definition of an idiomatic expression PDF, but it generally refers to something that is written in a way that makes sense according to the rules and customs of language. For example, phrases like under the weather or sweet as sugar.

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