Road accidents are a leading cause of death worldwide. On average, over 1.2 million people die in car crashes every year and around 100 million people suffer major injuries like amputation or paralysis due to traffic collisions. To make things worse, many deaths and injuries go unreported because they occur outside hospitals where there is no official registration system for such incidents..

The “write a report on road accident in 300 words” is an assignment that asks students to write a report about a traffic accident. The goal of the assignment is to help students improve their English writing skills.

Write a Report on Road Accident in English

A Report on a Dhaka Road Accident

Prepare a report on a traffic accident. 

Samia Rahman is a Bangladeshi actress.

Dhaka’s Savar

Savar was involved in one of the bloodiest traffic incidents in recent years this morning. Twelve persons had been found deceased on the site. Three persons have been recognized by locals and their families. The majority of them are in an impossible-to-recognize scenario. Over thirty persons were hurt, and they were sent to the closest hospital for treatment. Four of them are in really dangerous and severe situations. They’ve been sent to the Dhaka Medical College Hospital.

The collision included a heavy truck, a passenger-filled minibus, and a few bystanders. The major cause for this is the misty morning. A few others said that the vehicle had not switched on its headlights and was driving too fast. According to witnesses, the vehicle was driving too fast and the minibus was approaching from the other direction.

The minibus was passing another vehicle when the bus and truck collided head-on. There were also a few passers-by. The incident claimed the lives of two bystanders.

There were no traffic cops on the scene, which was a major traffic infringement. The absence of sufficient traffic instruction among the drivers is the cause of this disaster. The truck driver was detained, and the bus driver was found dead on the road.

Things like this should be looked into by the government, and action should be taken. Before getting a driver’s license, the drivers should be treated better. So that they are fully aware of all traffic laws, which will help to reduce the number of road accidents in Bangladesh.

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In the “write a report on road accident in 200 words” is a task that requires students to write about an event that they have witnessed. The task can be done by writing about an experience with a friend or relative, as well as a personal experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write a accident report?

A: You should speak with your local police station.

How do you write a road report?

A: A road report is a type of written work that provides information on the condition, quality and location of roads. They are usually produced by government agencies to give citizens an idea about what they should expect when traveling on public transportation or driving in a car.

How do you write a report on an accident you witnessed?

A: There are many different ways to write a report. You can contact the police, get an online form from your school or work, speak with somebody in charge of recording accidents for their business (like telling them you witnessed an accident at your local pharmacy), and etc.

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